MarineClean: MarineClean is a patented blend of surfactants and several strains of active microbes. It is a multi-use product formulated to perform a variety of tasks in an aqueous environment. MarineClean can be added directly to water a a bio-treatment or used first as a cleaner, then utilizing the rinse water as a bio-treatment. MarineClean sharply reduces VOC's and odors with minimum agitation and eliminates sheens on contact, making it ideal for use in confined or poorly ventilated spaces and around waterways.

Microbes in MarineClean eliminate unwanted hydrocarbon wastes by transforming them into harmless, odorless by-products. Any targeted organic hydrocarbon wastes, ranging from food grease to benzene, can be eliminated. As with all Nature’s Way products, MarineClean contains a highly stable oxygen source. This eliminates problems associated with biological oxygen demand (BOD) or chemical oxygen demand (COD) in water systems or sewers. MarineClean inhibits oil from attaching to surfaces, reduces nozzle plugging, algae, foul odors, vapors, and bottom sludge.

MarineClean is intended for use for in cleaning engine rooms, decks, bilges, sewer systems, lift stations, grease traps, and septic tanks. Not to be confused with a drain opener or enzyme treatment, MarineClean is a sophisticated tool for long term preventative maintenance. It is also excellent for use in water tanks used for testing boats and watercraft after repair to reduce oily build-up and odors while inhibiting oil from sticking to hulls.


     Sharply reduces VOC’s with minimum agitation
     Eliminates unwanted fuels, oils, food grease, benzene, in water etc.

     Reduces algae, odors, and nozzle plugging

     Economical, concentrated, heavy duty cleaner

     Eliminates BOD and COD problems
     Eliminates sheens
     Inhibits oil from coalescing or adhering to surfaces

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