RCT: RCT (restaurant cleaning treatment) is a unique blend of surfactants and oil consuming microbes. It is formulated for cleaning floors in restaurants, sports stadiums, and commercial food handling or preparation facilities. RCT, however, is not an ordinary floor cleaner. It provides major cost saving benefits normally not associated with a floor cleaner, yet it is competitively priced. RCT effectively cleans tile, concrete, and grout while imparting microbes into pores, cracks, and drains. With regular use, the microbes function continuously to eliminate sub-surface oil and grease, greatly reducing slippery conditions and eliminating odors. Additionally, microbes go with the mop water down drains, serving as a daily bio-treatment for inhibiting grease build-up in drains, lines, and grease traps. RCT can also be used under and around dumpsters to reduce foul odors and improve appearance. The microbes are non-pathogenic and components used in manufacture are USDA authorized. RCT does not cause grease accumulation problems in city sewer systems (it is not an enzyme treatment).

Reduces slippery conditions
Reduces odors
Reduces grease build-up in drains and grease traps

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