Nature's Way NPE FREE PowerClean
Providing the international community with great environmentally safe products is a major goal of ours. Meeting the specific chemical regulations in each county is a challenge but one we are always striving for. NPE FREE PowerClean is the result of such a need for countries and specific regions that ban the use of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPE).

Nature's Way NPE FREE PowerClean was specifically design to have all the same features as our regular PowerClean but without Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPE). Features such as being an excellent biodegradable pH neutral cleaner that contains select “oil-consuming” microbes, the same kind used to eliminate oil spills offshore. Benefits include helping to maintaining a clean, safe facility and work environment by removing trapped sub-surface oils that cause unsightly stains and slippery conditions. And, toxicity levels of the removed contaminants in the discharge water are greatly reduced.

NPE FREE PowerClean is ideal for use in fast oil change shops, fueling stations, auto dealerships, machine shops, and anywhere unwanted oil and grease exists.

Developed to meet European and other area(s) requirements banning NPE
Excellent "all in one" cleaner and degreaser
Biodegradable: Non-toxic to people, wildlife, and vegetation
Eliminates sheens on contact, reduces or eliminates VOC's
Reduces or eliminates generated wastes and liabilities
Biologically eliminates or reduces oil stains
Reduces slippery conditions, even when wet
Safe to use and handle, non-irritating to skin or lungs
Cleans and eliminates food and human wastes and odors

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